Shotover Camera Systems are ultra-high performance stabilization platforms for high velocity cinematography, designed to use on helicopters, ground vehicles, water crafts and almost anything that moves. The Game Has Changed.


We built a large variety of video content for Shotover, everything from editing provided footage for demo reels, promos for their F1 and K1 systems and social media teasers. All the way to developing and producing an entire video content package including lifestyle videos about the Shotover team and about the Engineers in New Zealand. The Shotover Engineering video even won a Telly Award! (Find out more about our Telly win HERE) The Shotover content videos also included numerous promos, teasers, F1 and K1 HOW TO videos. Our content was a large part of their branding and social media presence.  


Coming off a 35 hour flight path, we barely hit the ground before we were back in the air with cameras rolling.

Spending under 12 days in New Zealand to produce 6 months of web, trade show and social content for the SHOTOVER channels. 
Chrilleks covered everything from Pre to Post Production, from all Angles: Land, Sea and Air. 

Our efforts led us to work with the worlds best in aerial film, winning a Telly Award for their videos and seeing one of the most beautiful countries in the world, thru the most advance system on the market today. An experience of a lifetime.

Their attitude, professionalism, planning and execution was outstanding. Our team could see they are passionate about what they do. They understood our vision, listened to our needs and delivered an exceptional product. -Very impressed.
— Brad Hurndell, C.E.O, Shotover Camera Systems LP

This project allowed the Chrilleks Team to work closely with the SHOTOVER Crew, allowing us to fully submerge and develope their brand voice through social video content, growing their social following from 12K to 18K followers.

Footage provided by Shotover CAMERA SYSTEMS, CUT BY OUR TEAM.